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Secure Access to Your Data Anywhere

In today's digital landscape, organizations require a centralized and secure platform for accessing data and providing technical support. The emergence of virtual and cloud-based solutions has revolutionized data storage, but concerns about data security and privacy remain. At iTechBuild, Inc., we offer a simple yet robust solution - a secured back-end portal with restricted access that resides on your controlled server(s). This ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Advantages of our Intranet Portal Solutions:
  1. Secure Customization: Our intranet portals provide you with the ability to customize and brand the platform to align with your organization's identity. This ensures a seamless user experience and reinforces your corporate branding.

  2. Custom File Share Server: We can create a custom file share server that is branded specifically for your organization. This enables secure file sharing and collaboration among your team members, fostering efficient workflow and information exchange.

  3. Virtual Data Storage Arrays: Our hardware-based virtual data storage arrays provide scalable and reliable storage solutions, allowing you to efficiently manage and access your data from anywhere. With robust security measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected.

  4. Email Portals: Our intranet portal solutions can include dedicated email portals, enabling secure communication and collaboration among employees within your organization. This facilitates efficient information sharing and improves team productivity.

  5. Content Management Servers: Our intranet portal solutions encompass content management servers that empower you to efficiently organize, store, and retrieve important documents and files. With comprehensive access controls, you can ensure that sensitive information remains protected.

  6. eCommerce Portals: We can develop customized eCommerce portals that enable secure online transactions and seamless customer experiences. Our solutions prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring the trust and confidence of your customers.

  7. Custom Portals for Back-Office Administration: Our expertise extends to creating custom portals for back-office administration, enabling streamlined management of administrative tasks and processes. These portals provide secure access to critical resources, enhancing operational efficiency.

Access Data Anywhere, Anytime: Our intranet portal solutions enable you to access and exchange data securely, even when you are outside the office. Whether you need to retrieve information, collaborate with colleagues, or pass data remotely, our intranet portals provide the flexibility and security you need.

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Experience the benefits of secure and customized intranet portal solutions tailored to your organization's needs. To learn more or discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at 800-617-1449 or email us at Our team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive intranet portal solutions that empower your organization with secure data access and efficient collaboration.

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