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Product Engineering Services

At iTechBuild, Inc., we excel in providing cutting-edge product engineering services, specializing in embedded solutions to meet a spectrum of technological needs. Our dedicated experts focus on delivering high-quality, innovative, and reliable solutions customized to your specific requirements.

Firmware Development

Our firmware development services cover a range of embedded systems, including bootloader development, OTA/FOTA development, device driver development, and more. We work on various operating systems such as Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, uCOS, Zephyr, and bare metal, ensuring versatility and optimal performance.

Embedded System Optimization

From boot time reduction to memory optimization, our experts enhance firmware speed and feature set. We also specialize in battery and power optimization for both existing and new systems.


Our services include porting of operating systems, kernels, applications, and protocol stacks. We offer program memory and performance optimization, Android customization, and hardening.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

Our board bring-up services include rigorous testing and validation of hardware components, ensuring they meet all relevant standards. We work closely with clients to deliver optimal hardware performance.

System Integration and Processing

Our expertise extends to embedded cloud integration, SDK/middle layer development, multimedia processing, edge processing, and device virtualization.

IoT Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Our connectivity solutions enable seamless communication between IoT devices and the cloud. With options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and LPWAN, we ensure the best connectivity for your specific use case.

Cloud Integration

We facilitate IoT devices' seamless data exchange with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our services ensure scalable, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure.

IoT Firmware Development

Our IoT firmware development services cover design, development, and testing of firmware for controlling IoT devices. We prioritize reliability, efficiency, and security, offering customization to meet unique requirements.

IoT Security Solutions

Addressing critical security concerns, we design and implement secure communication protocols, threat intelligence, monitoring, and secure firmware development.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Our data analytics and visualization services extract meaningful insights from IoT device data. We use industry-leading tools to present data in a user-friendly format, with customization for specific requirements.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Schematic & Layout Design

Our hardware design services involve detailed schematic and layout design, ensuring optimal connections and placement of electronic components. We prioritize signal integrity, thermal management, and space constraints.

PCB Design and Manufacturing

Our PCB design and manufacturing services utilize state-of-the-art processes to ensure high-quality circuit boards. We provide customization to meet specific customer requirements.

Certification Support

We assist in obtaining region-specific certifications such as FCC, CE, ROHS, UL, REACH, and more.

Gateway and Edge Devices

Our expertise extends to designing IoT gateways, edge nodes, sensors, and hardware interfaces.

Explore the innovative possibilities with iTechBuild, Inc.'s embedded service offerings. Contact us today to propel your technological projects to new heights.

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