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Effortlessly Manage and Deliver Engaging Courses Online With our comprehensive eLearning platform, you can easily manage a variety of multimedia content such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, live recordings, and more. Our offline course builder, Techniq Portfolio, allows you to package these resources into a cohesive course that can be offered to your customers. Enhance the learning experience by incorporating quizzes to assess their knowledge base. Additionally, you have the flexibility to utilize any SCORM compliant course builder to create courses and seamlessly host them on our platform. Track scores and automate certification processes to streamline the learning journey. Optimize your online education delivery with our user-friendly tools.

Video and Course Management: Simplify Content Organization and Assessment

Effortlessly manage your videos, PowerPoint presentations, live recordings, and more. Utilize our offline course builder, Techniq Portfolio, to package these resources into comprehensive courses for your customers. Enhance engagement and knowledge retention by incorporating quizzes to assess learners' understanding. Additionally, our platform supports any SCORM compliant course builder, offering flexibility in course creation. Easily track scores and automate certification processes, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Maximize the value of your content with our intuitive management tools.


Streamlined Management of Live Classroom Training

Optimize your instructor-led training (ILT) sessions with our system's efficient management capabilities. Whether you conduct ILT in traditional brick-and-mortar settings or physical locations, our platform streamlines the process. Simplify attendee registration by enabling online sign-ups. Enjoy real-time access to the class roster, allowing you to update and maintain attendance and certification records effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and effortlessly manage the administrative aspects of your training sessions. Seamlessly integrate paper-based test scores into our system after class, consolidating all essential data in one place. Elevate your ILT experience with our comprehensive management solution.


Streamlined Integration with APIs for Seamless Functionality

Unlock the full potential of our platform through seamless integrations with APIs. Our versatile system not only allows for integration with other web applications but also provides APIs for those with IT resources to leverage. Take advantage of this capability to effortlessly connect and enhance your existing ecosystem. Our API integration empowers you to expand functionality, streamline processes, and create a cohesive learning environment. Experience the power of seamless collaboration between our platform and your existing systems, maximizing efficiency and productivity.


24/7 Reliable Online Support for Quick and Personalized Assistance

Experience our commitment to providing quick and personalized support whenever you need it. Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. We genuinely value our customers and prioritize their satisfaction.

As a customer-centric company, we actively listen to your input, leveraging your valuable insights to continuously evolve and enhance our product. Rest assured that we will promptly respond to your doubts, queries, and suggestions, ensuring that you receive the support you deserve. Our unwavering dedication to customer service means you can rely on us to address your needs in a timely manner.

With our customer-centric approach, you can confidently reach out to us with any request or concern. We are fully committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


  • Dedicated URL for LMS
  • Custom Look and Feel
  • Direct Registration from Catalog
  • Custom client specific fields in Registration Form
  • Cover page to track latest updates and featured courses

  • Register for Courses (individually or in bulk)
  • Register for a paid course and complete payment in the system
  • Purchase secondary licenses
  • Get a transcript showing all courses, completion status, payment details, etc.
  • Get a certificate for a completed course
  • Learning Paths

  • Self-paced (Usually a package of videos, slides, quizzes, etc)
  • WebEx Webinars (Training, Meetings and Events)
  • Citrix Webinar (GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinars)
  • Instructor-led (Tracking in-person classes in a physical location)
  • Videos only

  • Add, delete, preview, clone courses
  • Create detailed course specifications, including pricing, course expiration, etc.
  • Package resources with a course
  • Series Courses (Series as a separate tab is also possible)
  • Learning Paths
  • Set specific price for a domain

  • Checkout with Paypal
  • Checkout with
  • Create coupons for discounts

  • Add, delete, search for users
  • View user activity
  • View user payment transactions
  • Register users for courses
  • Access user transcripts and certificates
  • Add and manage user types

  • User and usage reports
  • Courses and course registration reports
  • Certification and completion reports
  • Payment reports

  • Add users to the system
  • Register/ Unregister users for courses
  • Certify users in the system
  • Extend user or course registration
  • Add companies to the system
  • Add courses to the system
  • Bulk set passwords and user types

  • Manage comments
  • Globally set registration durations - user and course registrations
  • Media Upload - upload large media files to Amazon servers for faster learner access
  • User approval by Admin - after someone signs up

  • Add and manage locations for on-site classes
  • Calendar display for Instructors to track their classes
  • Register courses to specific set of users - based on email domain or company
  • Study materials module - to track payment for books, CD, et

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iTechBuild created our Learning Management System in 2013. From the beginning, Marcus and Paul had a genuine interest in taking our vision and making it a reality. They worked closely with us to build exactly what we wanted, and today, the LMS allows our clients to learn in a self-paced environment and increase their productivity based on our Take Back Your Life!® methodology.

Sally McGhee / CEO / MPS

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Umbraco, the most powerful and flexible CMS I have ever used.

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